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April 10, 2020

To All Employees.

AbbeyCare is extending acceptance of timecards via email until further notice.  We will notify all employees when this option will no longer be available.

We would like to address the most common issues that we’ve encountered since we started this process.

  • Timecards are still due by 1:00 pm, every other Wednesday. Please refer to your payroll calendars. Timecards emailed after 1:00 pm will be processed with the following payroll.

  • You will receive an immediate confirmation e-mail after submitting your timecard. If you send more than one email within a 4-day period, you will not receive immediate response, it may come later. If you do not receive a confirmation to your email within one working day, please call our office. Please do not call us immediately after your submission to inquire if we received your timecards. We are getting overwhelmed with phone calls.

  • Please read our responses carefully. We may ask you to re-submit your timecard if the quality of the image you sent is not acceptable for processing. If you do not re-submit an acceptable copy, your timecard will not be processed.

  • When you email a replacement timecard with corrections to previously identified issues, please put “Replacement Timecard” in the subject line. Please keep your originals in case you need to make corrections.

  • To make this process easier for all parties involved, we recommend that you follow these simple instructions:

  1. If you use your mobile device to take pictures of your timecards, please use scanner apps available to you. We recommend that you use “Genius Scan” or “PDF Scanner”. These apps are free and available for most phone types. These apps convert your files into PDFs, which are much easier to read than photo images.

  2. Before taking a picture, please place your timecards on a flat surface. Avoid any shadows.

  3. Ensure that your timecard is the only image you are sending.

Please contact our office with any questions during business hours.

Please continue checking our website: and Facebook page: “Abbeycare Choice” for more updates.

Thank you for your assistance with this process. Stay safe and healthy


Interested in working more hours? If so, we have full and part-time  PCA/Homemaking/ICLS/IHS positions available to INTERNAL EMPLOYEES ONLY.   Locations include:

Minneapolis/St. Paul/Metro Area

Daytime/Evening/Weekends shifts available. Full-time and Part-time

If interested in learning more about these opportunities please email your full name, location(s) and availability to or you can text your information to 1-651-239-5519.

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