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Vaccination opportunities for people with disabilities and caregivers

March 1, 2021

As you know, the vaccination of health care workers has been moving at a steady and slow pace in the Metro Region. The Metro Health & Medical Coalition and Regional Hospital Resource Center is partnering with MDH in an effort to provide you with vaccination opportunities.

If you  still need to be vaccinated, please respond as indicated below.

We are opening a Metro mass vaccination clinic next Sunday – Tuesday, March 7th – 9th.  We want to prioritize your employees for this vaccination clinic. In order for us to include you and your employees on the email notice to register for the clinic, we need you to do the following:

1.      Request all employees who want to be vaccinated to complete a registration on the Vaccine Connector by Tuesday, March 2nd. The link to the site is

COVID-19 Vaccination Registration (

2.      Employees must complete the following when registering to ensure you are prioritized:

a.      Answer:  Yes, I am to the first question which is “Are you a first responder who provides direct patient care as part of the EMS system or healthcare worker or do you work in a health care facility?”

b.      Enter your agency/clinic/business name in response to the question “What is your employer’s name?”  Please enter AbbeyCare, Inc.

When we pull the list of individuals to send registration information later this week, we will use the answers to the first question and employer’s name to prioritize those of you who were registered on the MDH Health Care Connection form and have been patiently waiting for vaccine.

We expect that we may have more people than available vaccine for the mass vaccination clinic, and some employees will register after March 2nd. In either case, we will continue to work to match you all with a vaccine opportunity over the next 2-4 weeks either by a second mass vaccination clinic or through one of our many metro vaccine providers. In addition to informing you of mass vaccine clinics, we will share your information with our health care partners who will schedule you and your workers based on available appointments.

We appreciate your patience over the past several weeks as we have continued to plan for increased vaccination opportunities for health care workers.

Minnesota Department of Health

February 18 Message for 1a Health Care Employers and Workers from MN Department of Health

We continue to make progress with vaccinating health care workers, but we know there are many who are still waiting to get vaccinated. This message is to provide an update for health care workers who have not been vaccinated yet.

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is partnering with health care providers to increase vaccination opportunities for health care workers.

For those of you who have completed the Health Care Vaccination Connection Form, you will be receiving a survey in the next few days. This survey is to help us identify those on the list who have been vaccinated and gather more information from the workers not yet vaccinated. This information will help us match you with a vaccination opportunity either from a health care provider or through a mass vaccination clinic. Health care workers will be notified by their local public health agency, employer, state-sponsored community vaccination site, or vaccination partner about when and where they can get vaccinated.

If you did not complete the Health Care Vaccination Connection Form, you are encouraged to sign up for the new

Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Connector.

If you completed the Health Care Vaccination Connection Form, you do not need to re-submit your information for the Vaccine Connector. The Minnesota Department of Health will work with health systems and local public health agencies to notify you about when and where you can get vaccinated.

We appreciate your patience over the past several weeks as we have continued to plan for increased vaccination opportunities for health care workers.


We strongly encourage all employees and clients get vaccinated when COVID-19 vaccine becomes available. We will notify everyone as soon as we have more information on the timeline and availability.

Until that time, you can follow State of Minnesota vaccination progress on COVID-19 Vaccination Page. Follow the link below.

Minnesotans 65 and older can schedule appointments for COVID-19 community vaccine clinics starting today 01/19/2021 at noon

Minnesotans age 65 and older can make appointments by visiting or by calling 612-426-7230 or toll free, 1-833-431-2053. Minnesotans should attempt to make an appointment online before dialing the call center. Minnesotans who cannot immediately make an appointment may be able to sign up for a waitlist.

Available appointments will refresh every Tuesday at noon. Minnesotans will have the opportunity to schedule appointments for both their first and second doses of vaccine.

Because this a pilot program, there is a limited amount of vaccine and appointment slots available for eligible Minnesotans right now. Access will increase as the federal government provides more doses of vaccine to Minnesota in the weeks ahead.

The pilot clinics are located in Andover, Brooklyn Center, Fergus Falls, Mountain Iron, Thief River Falls, St. Cloud, North Mankato, Rochester and Marshall.

“This pilot program is designed to help us how to best serve Minnesotans through our community vaccination strategy,” Commissioner Malcolm said. “What we learn now will help us ensure a smooth process when more doses arrive from the federal government and we can open more community vaccination clinics all across Minnesota. Please be patient. There is not enough vaccine for everyone who wants it. If you cannot make an appointment now, you will be able to soon.”

More information is available at COVID-19 Vaccinations.

COVID-19 Testing Locations

Who should get tested?

We have a limited number of surgical masks available to AbbeyCare employees and clients. Please contact our office to inquire how to obtain. 

AbbeyCare, Inc.

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